TXIAF Registration is OPEN!

TXIAF Header

That’s right – The Texas International Archery Festival Registration is now open!

This is just the preregistration for the event; it includes all four registration forms. Horse archers, ground archers, vendors and volunteers.

Registering does not cost you any money (yet) and does not guarantee a spot. It outlines the basic questions and information we need to get you registered and assess your fees. IF you are doing both ground and mounted – you need to fill out both forms. They have their own specific information.

Because The Eastern Contingent’s focus is on historic archery, The Golden Age Classic (for mounted archery) is our focus.  We have more detailed information available, but in essence it is meant to be the highest level of competition with the most stringent rules.  Historically accurate garb is required, as are period correct bows and accessories (quivers).  That said, since this is an international tournament with the competition at a high level we are assigning registration priority as follows:

– International Competitors
– Ranked/Expert Level Horse Archers here in the USA
– People bringing horses or have horses to rent to fellow competitors

We encourage everyone, regardless of rank to register.  We will have different classes  depending on available spaces and interest.  In February we will be filling our remaining spots with people from the waiting list.

TXIAF Mounted Archery Registration Form

TXIAF Ground Archery Registration Form

TXIAF Vendor Registration Form

TXIAF Volunteer Registration Form

We look forward to seeing you there!


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