About Us

The Eastern Contingent is a relatively new archery group located in both Austin and Houston, Texas.  We have been an USA Archery/Trad club for a few years and most recently a newly appointed MA3 (Mounted Archery Association of the Americas) chapter.

Our group is also creating one of the first, and largest international archery tournaments in Texas, “The Texas International Archery Festival” – to be held in April of 2019.

It will feature both ground and mounted archery, with competitors from around the world.  We learned a great deal during our time overseas and it’s time to bring that spirit here to America.  Both our mounted chapter and our ground group focuses primarily on the historical aspects of archery, rather than the modern sport.  We encourage our members to dress accordingly, and while not required it is heavily encouraged.  We are attempting to bring our love of history, archery and tradition together.

Should you be interested in joining us – please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.