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Important Stuff: Links to our various parent groups and preferred vendors.

MA3 (Mounted Archery Association of the Americas)

One of the oldest and largest Mounted Archery groups in the Americas – with over 20 chapters in the US (four in Texas alone!), MA3 is the prime group to get involved with the sport of Mounted Archery.  A great organization with regular practices and competitions.

USA Archery / USA Trad

One of the largest archery organizations in the USA – primarily focused on bare-bow, Olympic recurve and compound they recently branched out with a traditional focused set of tournaments.   New categories include both Traditional and Modern Horsebow and Longbow, respectively.  Also available are certification courses for teaching and clubs to join around the USA.

The Flying Hun – Archery and Leather

Our supplier of eastern bows from various makers, creator of awesome and historic leather gear for both mounted and ground archery as well as custom thumb rings, various archery tackle and whatever else you might need.

Texas International Archery Festival

Cultural and Historical Archery festival located at the Valkyrie Ranch in Paige, Texas. This event will feature music, food, Ground and Mounted Archery competitions, and demonstrations. We will have a full Vendor Faire, selling Archery Goods, Costuming, Accessories, and various elements of traditional Ren Faire Vending. On-Site Camping is available.
Archers are invited from all over the world to dress in Traditional Garb and compete in several cultural archery events. This event is open to the public, tickets will be available for Pre-Purchase online and sold at the door.
$5 of every ticket sold will directly benefit Knights of the Grail, a Sherwood Forest Faire based Non-Profit that provides Equine Therapy for Veterans.